She's perfect!
I’ve had my Havanese puppy for nearly two weeks now and she is an absolute joy and a perfect addition to me little family. She is super smart, sweet, adorable and feisty (I have a 5 month old Yorkie, as well, and, at only 2 months old, she holds her own with him!). She’s already learned to sit, spin, and ‘leave it’ simply from watching my other puppy. She was in great health when I got her and Paul was a breeze to work with. I also appreciate the recommendation to have her driven to me instead of flown. Though airlines claim puppies are shipped in climate controlled environments, the thought of having such a small puppy on a plane alone during summer months worried me. Knowing that she got to make the trip with her littermates and caring humans in air conditioning eased my concern. As a bonus, she also loves to go on car rides and has slept in her crate without so much as a whimper since her first night at home. She’s perfect.
August 15, 2018
I just received the 2 most precious Havanese pups from 5 Star Puppies. They far exceed anything I could have ever imagined!!!! I initially planned to adopt 1 pup, but upon reviewing the video of Mackie...noticed the close bond he had with one of his litter mates. So l adopted both pups, & it was the best decision ever!!! They are smart, funny, healthy, adorable, amazingly loving....the greatest joy in my life. Paul...the breeder... is super nice, easygoing, professional, & genuinely cares about each & every pup. He provided their papers & they were 100% up to date with their vacs., & were legit micro-chipped. I give 5 Star Puppies & Paul...2 paws up!!!!
August 13, 2018
We love our havanese!
Paul has a beautiful havanese line. We are a repeat customer. Paul and his family take very good care of their dogs and puppies.
May 02, 2018
Because he cares!
Paul Yoder is a well organized business man who provides healthy well bred puppies, who have their shots, chip, and have been socialized. You walk out knowing you have the right puppy for you, and a relationship with Paul that will last---because he cares! Paul, thank you and your family for your hard work and honesty.
April 16, 2018
Nice Puppy
Dollar now "Rosco" has been here a week and I couldn't be happier! He is so sweet and follows me everywhere! I was hesitant buying at first but Paul assured me everything would be fine and was great answering all my questions. Went above and beyond to change the first flight booked to a different flight to arrive earlier for my schedule. I'd recommend Paul's Havenese to anyone! Thank you again!
April 14, 2018
Feeling blessed in Michigan!
A week ago we brought the cutest two (2) Havanese fraternal twin puppies that were eleven weeks old in our home. What a joyous blessing! We were pleasantly surprised and very pleased with how they traveled. There was not one whimper and no sickness during the four hour drive to our home. They readily accepted the softsided carrying case. We stopped half way letting them exercise and drink water. What good travelers they are! These pups are well mannered and their nature is people friendly. Our home has been inundated with guests wanting to meet the new family members. These puppies have not met a stranger. They eagerly greet and certainly are "velcro puppies". These pups are not "yappers". They are quiet as they eagerly observe and engage with people and our home. Paul and family have been so very pleasant. Thank you for so much more than these wonderful puppies. Lori and I feel we have made a friend and have such pleasant memories of our time spent with you, two of your sons and your puppies.
Caroll & Lori
March 29, 2018
A six star experience and a six star pup
My havapom arrived a few days ago -- as perfect as his pictures and with the sweetest personality. He was just as Paul described -- and that is the point. Paul and 5starpuppies are honest and caring. it leads to great dogs and a trusted business transaction. this is my third dog in 22 years and the easiest adoption/acquisition experience yet. my questions were all answered and my expectations set. then perfection arrived surpassing all expectations. i cannot thank Paul enough --first class guy, first class experience, and a world class dog.!!!
March 24, 2018