Two AMAZING Havanese Pups
We are beyond thrilled with our two newest members of the family, Foxy (now known as Duke) and Mickey (now known as Bentley). Even though they aren't litter mates (they are roughly two months apart), they play with each other nonetheless. Such loveable and sweet dogs. They have acclimated beautifully. Click training has begun and we are amazed with how both are responding to the commands! We can't thank Paul enough for easing our concerns with shipping two pups. We strongly recommend 5 Star Puppies and would happily adopt from him again!
May 19, 2015
A pleasure to do business with
We just purchased a Havanese puppy from Paul and are so pleased with the whole experience. This is our first dog and Paul answered our questions, handled all the paper work, and the shipping.... The driver had a big day making deliveries around New York and even after traffic delays she pushed through and made it out to us on Cape Cod MA. She called to give us updates along the way and arrived with Daisy after midnight. We Are very thankful for her efforts. Daisy arrived healthy and socialized. Paul provides all the paperwork and microchip information, he takes many forms of payments and is very easy to work with. We highly recommend Paul and 5 Star Puppies. This has been a wonderful experience, Thanks again Paul.
May 10, 2015
Highly recommend
I highly recommend 5 Star Puppies, Paul was very helpful with the whole process. Answered any and all questions I had. Very pleased with shipping arrangements, his driver Jim was very nice and kinda man. Extremely pleased with my havanese puppy Bella, loveable, little bundle of fluff. Extremely well taken care of from both breeder and driver. Would most defiantly purchase another pup I. The future and highly recommend. Thanks Rebecca
April 9, 2015
Quite impressed
I recently purchased a puppy from this breeder. Paul was very easy to work with regarding both purchasing the puppy and picking her up. Paul answered all my questions, and followed up with me a few days later to see how the puppy was doing. My vet was quite pleased with the care Paul gave the puppy before I purchased her, as well. I highly recommend 5 Star Puppies.
March 19, 2015
Super super pleased
We are a family of four from IN. We placed a deposit on two female Havanese puppies thru this family (Paul) Paul was so kind and handled my obsession and crazy emails asking for more and more pictures as the puppies aged, so well. :) My husband drove up this past Sat and really enjoyed his time there at their home. Beautiful home. Very clean puppies and kennels. He really enjoyed hanging out with Paul as well. We were very very pleased and so thankful for our two lil Havanese girls Lily Jade, and Lila Jo. :) They are healthy, happy, and doing so well. All the puppies were very energetic and tails wagging. Never any yellow paws from potty etc. You could tell they were well taken care of and socialized. We have two children as well so that was so great to see, how excited the puppies were to play with them. :)) If you are on the fence don't be. He is legit.
February 10, 2015
Beautiful havanese puppy
Paul did an excellent job guiding us to select the best havanese puppy for our family. Paul was very responsive answering all our questions via email and phone calls in a matter of minutes. Also, he was open for a visit from the four of us, so our kids could see the puppies first hand and to select the most appropriate. We finally got a chocolate havanese female with few white spots which was very healthy in her 1st visit to the vet. The puppy has adapted very well to our life style and is very playful. I highly recommend Paul and his puppies!
January 24, 2015
Absolute excellent breeder and pups
My pup was delivered on the 22nd and she already goes on the Bulls-eye puppy pad. She is well adjusted in 1 day. Paul is easy to work with. I recommend him to anyone that wants a puppy of any breed, I'm just in love with the Havanese after breeding and showing Chinese Shar Pei, you can get more in bed with you. My little girl crawled up to my pillow and slept all night the very firs night. Shows you the care his pups receive.
December 24, 2014